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Investment Management

Experience and Expertise

We have decades of financial experience and know how to navigate the market’s ups and downs.

Science, Not Guesswork

The evidence says stock picking and market timing don’t work. We know what does.

Custom Portfolios

Asset allocation strategies and broadly diversified funds that reflect your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk.


We use funds with no sales loads and some of the lowest expense ratios in the industry.

Tax Management

By reducing your tax bill, we can significantly extend the longevity of your portfolio.

Discipline, Not Emotion

We help you resist emotional, knee-jerk reactions to the market and keep your long-term goals in perspective.

How We’re Different

Investing in the stock market with confidence is not easy. Most of the financial media, Wall Street and traditional brokers make it even more difficult. They advocate active investing strategies in response to every market move, believing that they can pick stocks and time the market more effectively than the average investor. Whichever way the market moves, they can craft a story or suggest a trade that’s good for them, but not necessarily for those who rely on their information.

Our approach to investing is based on the evidence. Lots of research has been done on the financial markets and investing, and the evidence clearly shows, over the long term, that active investing strategies simply don’t work. The collective wisdom of all market participants, combined with today’s lightning-fast technology, make it extremely difficult for active investors to consistently outperform the market. In this environment, we believe stability and diversification are essential. Our clients’ portfolios are invested in broad, index-based funds to minimize costs and promote tax efficiency. We establish a personalized asset allocation strategy and only trade when necessary to rebalance the portfolio back to our target allocations. As a result, our clients don’t fall prey to the emotions or mental biases of the typical investor. They know they have a portfolio strategy that fits their long-term goals, giving them the confidence to tune out the noise and withstand short-term market fluctuations.

Market Commentary

2021 1Q Market Summary
Improving Picture, But Concerns Remain.
2020 2Q Market Summary
Economy Unstable, Asset Prices Higher.
2020 1Q Market Summary
Shock to Economy and Markets
2019 4Q Market Summary
A Ride On Santa’s Sleigh.
2019 3Q Market Summary
Equity Gains Decelerate; Bond Prices Firm
2019 2Q Market Summary
A Familiar Pattern.
2019 1Q Market Summary
Pointing to Improvement?
2018 4Q Market Summary
Overdue...but not overdone
2018 3Q Market Summary
U.S. Equity Markets Continued to Outperform Foreign Markets
2018 2Q Market Summary
Economic Bifurcation and Dollar Strength Equal U.S. Outperformance
2018 1Q Market Summary
Volatility Makes a Comeback, Swings in Bond Prices