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Most Investors Miss One Sure-fire Way to Boost Returns



   Investors measure success by looking at the rate of return on their investments. This is as it should be. Those who actively manage their portfolios are often looking for an edge, a winning formula that will help them outperform a peer group or a benchmark. They seek out companies that are poised to take off, mutual funds with five-star ratings and asset managers with the best track records. But most of them miss a huge opportunity to boost portfolio returns; one that is easy to implement and proven to deliver significant long-term benefits. With so much focus on picking securities and timing the market, they fail to properly manage the cost of their investments.

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Four Investing Habits to Break in 2021

We are a little over a month into the new year and this is the time when most people find out if their new year’s resolutions are going to stick or not. Of course, new year’s resolutions are all about habits, and forming new habits or breaking old ones can be very hard to do. This certainly applies to investing habits as well. Investing habits don’t often make the new year’s resolution list but, if I were to think about investing habits to break in 2021, these four would be at the top of the list.


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What is Short-Selling? A Layman's Description

Recent events have thrust the concept of short-selling stock into the spotlight of the mainstream media, and many pundits (even some who do not typically cover investing-related topics) have thrown their hat into the ring and begun to cover the concept of short-selling and what it means. The gracious definition of short selling is that it is a time-tested way to keep the market honest by highlighting over-valued stock.  Simplistically speaking, short-selling means that you commit to sell a stock at less than its current value in a specific period of time.

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