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Fullen Financial Annual Client Appreciation Event

As many of you know, our annual backyard bash is scheduled for Friday, September 11, 2020. This annual client appreciation event is looked forward to by us every year. While we are optimistic that this event can still be held, it is possible that the Covid19 pandemic will make that neither practical or safe. Unfortunately, putting this event on requires the coordination of a number of moving parts and includes outside support that may not be available. However, for now, if you could mark your calendars for this event, we are going to try to move forward with it as long as we can do so safely.  

Fullen Financial Office Update

While the State of Ohio has allowed offices like ours to reopen following strict guidelines, for the safety and convenience of our clients and employees, we have decided to continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future. Allowing us to make this decision is, in part, the fact that our remote and virtual communication tools have worked so well before and during the stay at home order.   So, while we look forward to the time when we can meet with you in person at our office again, please don't let our delay in reopening stop you from getting your questions answered, having our normal planning meetings and generally going about our business together. Eventually we will return to normal business hours and you will be able to find that news here as soon as it is available.



It’s official! I’m sure you never thought the day would come where you would collect your college diploma and be on your way. You are likely moving out of your college apartment, saying goodbye to your friends, and gearing up for “adulthood”. At this point, you may have accepted your first job offer or perhaps the recent impacts of the Coronavirus have you waiting to plan your next move.  As you attempt to navigate the future, here are five financial tips to consider.

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