Our Story

Fullen Financial Group was founded in 2004 by Milt Fullen, a Certified Public Accountant with significant experience in the insurance and employee benefits industry. Combining his industry expertise with the high professional standards of the CPA profession, Milt successfully grew his business by offering independent, unbiased advice and always putting his clients’ interests first. Milt’s first clients quickly recognized the value of his services, and the sense of control they now had in their financial lives. Their satisfaction enabled Fullen Financial Group to grow steadily, relying almost entirely on client referrals for new business.

Today our senior advisors, Milt Fullen and Kevin Fix, are both multi-year winners of Columbus Monthly’s Five Star Wealth Manager Award, and Fullen Financial Group ranks among Columbus Business First’s top fee-only financial planning firms in Central Ohio. We have helped over 150 individuals and families prepare for retirement, and we manage more than $200 million of assets on behalf of our clients. Our team of professional advisors has a wealth of experience and the best credentials in the industry, supported by the latest technology tools and a dedicated client service team.

Our Commitment

“Clients come first” is not just a saying. It is built into the fabric of our organization and guides everything we do. Helping our clients achieve financial freedom, represented by the unique set of individual goals they might have, is how we measure our success. Delivering on this pledge requires our commitment to objectivity of evaluation, knowledge of the industry and independence in the selection of appropriate strategies and implementation tools. By earning our clients’ trust, we enable them to focus on their goals and maintain a disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.

Our Principles

Fullen Financial Group embraces the principles of education, independence, objectivity and understanding, which are vital to successfully make prudent decisions about your financial future. As a fiduciary advisor, we are candid in our advice, transparent in our fees and competent in our service.

Meet The Team

Milt Fullen, CPA, CFP®, ChFC, CASL, CLU
Co-Founder and Senior Financial Advisor
Paula Miller
Co-Founder and Chief Administrative Officer
Kevin Fix, CFP®, CPA / PFS
Senior Financial Advisor
Justin Seidenwand, CFP®
Associate Financial Advisor
Breanna Stein, CFP®
Senior Associate Financial Advisor
Kelsey Fogel
Client Service Administrator

Our Clients

We serve a diverse group of clients, from 20-somethings to retirees. What they share in common: An insistence on trustworthy, expert advice with no strings attached.
  • Individuals and families, who are building wealth and want to plan and invest for the future.
  • Business owners, who seek to integrate their business interest with their personal financial goals.
  • Professionals, seeking advice on tax-deferred saving plans and low cost, tax-efficient investing strategies.
  • Retirees, who are seeking to maximize the longevity of their savings and fight the impacts of inflation.

Strategic Alliances

Supporting independent advisors and their clients with innovative technology and a broad range of investment options.
The financial planning software chosen by more financial advisors than any other.
A recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.
The professional organization for CFP practitioners, helping us become the best planners we can be.
Providing continuous learning and essential resources for CPA Financial Planners.
The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors – highly trained professionals committed to working in their clients’ best interests.

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